Hinge Position on Door - User Guide

1. Using the attributes
  1. Go to Cabinet Level, in any ortho view.
  2. Click on the cabinet door where you wish to adjust hinge positions
  3. An attribute will appear allowing you to activate the UCS on this selected door
  4. Setting the attribute to True and will expose a series of attributes below
  5. "2 Hinges Near Top" moves the second from the top hinge to be just beneath the top one
  6. "Hinge n Position" will adjust the Y position the concerned hinge by the amount you enter


2. Settings

There are two settings with this package:

2.1. The language

When you click on a door, the attributes will be in the language of your choice: English or French.

If you wish to change this option:

  1. Go the User Created Standards list
  2. Click on the UCS called CH_1_Position Charniere
  3. In the public variables, select the Language you wish

2.2. The spacing between upper hinges

When you choose the option "2 Hinges Near Top", the distance between the two top hinges is controlled by a Hinge Material Schedule Parameter

To create or change the value:

  1. Go into your hinge material schedule
  2. Go to parameters
  3. Create (or edit) a parameter called CHAR_DOUBLE
  4. The value you enter for this parameter will determine the distance between the two top hinges

Using this set-up allows you to have a different distance value for each hinge

If you only use one type of hinge, or simply prefer to always use the same distance between upper hinges, you can avoid creating a parameter for each material schedule, and simple use a default value from the UCS.