Wall Hanger Brackets - User Guide

1. Settings

The package creates two new parts in the pull schedule:  Fixation Mbl Haut Droite(Right) / Gauche(Left). [1]

In the material catalog you will find four new materials.[2]

  • Fixation Mbl Haut  drt / Gau Type A (Right/Left Type A wall hanger bracket)
  • Fixation Mbl Haut  drt / Gau Type B (Right/Left Type B wall hanger bracket) (See differences on the next Heading)

Put the type of wall hanger bracket you want [2] in front of the corresponding parts [1].

You can assign the chosen wall hanger bracket for multiple schedules by right clicking on the part > Change Material in Multiple Schedules.

1.1. Type A or type B ?

  • The Type A cuts the back and calls two holes in the end.
  • The Type B calls two holes in the back and three in the end.

1.2. Language

When you click on a door, the attributes will be in the language of your choice: English or French.

If you wish to change this option:

  1. Go the User Created Standards list
  2. Click on the UCS called FEH_1_Fixations Element Haut
  3. In the public variables, select the Language you wish
2. Using the attributes

By selecting a cabinet at the room level with the attribute filter at Misc, you have the choice of turning ON/OFF the wall hanger bracket for the entire cabinet.

By selecting an End at the cabinet level in any ortho view, you can do the same for the part.

2.1. Special Case: The Dividers

By selecting a Divider on the cabinet level in any ortho view, you will also have the option to put the wall hanger bracket on the right side or on the left side.