How to use the app


1. What is it

This app developed by CVF help to structure the name of material for Panels, Strats and Edge banding. We recommand to create all materials that you are going to use now or later. In the structure of the name, we suggest to use the thickness, the decor and vendors.

This app will create at the same time the panel(s), strats and Edgebanding associate to the same decor. It can create material schedule for doors and associate it to existing door.


1. Field to fill

  1. Material Reference : Decor code use by the Manufacturer ( H1234)
  2. Material Description : Description of the decor (Bright white)
  3. Manufacturer : Decor Manufacturer (Egger, Polyrey; Kronospan)
  4. Grain Dependant: Grain or not
  5. Door Schedule : Do you want to create door schedule for this decor
  6. Finish or texture Selection : To select the face finish or texture. Dialog box from CV
  7. List of material that will be created with the decor

2. Settings

2.1. Name structure

1 . You can customize the structure of the name per type of material here. The one between {} are variable as describe in the list

2. Set as System Default save the structure as it is.


2.2. Others settings

You can set in this tab some default values for:

  1. Panel edge texture and finish
  2. Finish type by default for all material created
  3. Glass Panel for Door material schedule
  4. Doors that you want to assign the material schedule created
  5. Unit per material type

2.3. Language

  1. Languages available are french and english in Option. It is possible to translate the language file. Ask your reseller.

2.4. Admin Config

  1. You will find the database location that we are connecting with.
  2. Create CVF SQL Login is the way to get in the SQL database. You need to open the app as administrator to make it work.