Door and Drawer Bumper- User Guide

1. Using the attributes
  1. Go in cabinet level in any ortho view
  2. Select a door
  3. Multiple attributes will appear allowing you to activate the Bumpers and adjust their postions

In the exemple bellow the position in X of the Bumpers are 60mm back.

2. Settings

There are two settings on this package:

2.1. Language

When you click on a cabinet, the attributes will be in the language of your choice: English or French.

If you wish to change this option:

  1. Go the User Created Standards list
  2. Click on the UCS called  BUT-1.0-Butées de porte & BUT-2.0-Butées de porte
  3. In the public variables, select the Language you wish

2.2. Change the operation of the Bumper

  1. Go in the model of the Bumper in the "Material Manager"
  2. With the CAM of the model you can adjust or modify the operation