Simple Lock & 3 point lock - User Guide

1. Settings

There are three settings on this package:

1.1. Language

When you click on a cabinet, the attributes will be in the language of your choice: English or French.

If you wish to change this option:

  1. Go the User Created Standards list
  2. Click on the UCS called SER1-2.0 Serrure
  3. In the public variables, select the Language you wish

1.2. Material schedule

In the Pull material schedule, put the corresponding materials to the parts as above. You have two different model of 3 points lock, make your choice.

Once it's done, right-click on each part to change the material in multiple schedules.

1.3. Model Modification

If the model of the cylinder lock is not exactly as your, you can modify the operation on the model !

  1. On the Material Catalog
  2. Double click on the 3 Point Lock Material
  3. Go into the model
  4. Make the changes you want on the operations

2. Using the attributes

  1. Select a cabinet in any ortho view
  2. By clicking on a door or a drawer, the attribute L1-Lock will appear
  3. Choose between the simple lock or the 3 point lock
2.1. Door Attributes

L1 - Attribute to activate the lock or the 3 point lock

L2 - For changing the reference of the lock on the door

L3 - Select if you want the lock vertical position to refer to the ground or to the door center

L4 - Distance between the lock and the door center

L5 - Distance between the lock and the ground

L6 - Horizontal adjustment for the lock, automatically the lock edge will be at the door edge

L7 / L8 - Top and bottom adjustment for the 3 point lock

2.2. Drawer Attributes

On the drawer you can call a VCS lock

L1 - Attribute to activate the VCS lock on the drawer

L2 - Change the position of the lock on the door

L6 - Horizontal adjustment setting

L7 - Vertical adjustment setting

3. Manual Mode

You have the posibility to add the 3 point lock manually by adding a new part:

  1. New part
  2. Select part group Pull
  3. Choose the part Z-Serrure 3 Pts / 3Pt Lock
  4. Allow UCS modification
  5. press next and set the orientation you want
  6. Finish

Now you just have to set the position and the dimension of the 3Pt lock helped with the two attributes L-Cylinder position & L-Dimension