Hinge Position on Door - Package Import

1. Before You Get Started

Before you get started is a great time to back up your Cabinet Vision files...

  • If something doesn't go exactly to plan you'll be able to start over
  • Take a look at the Backup Utility section in Cabinet Vision's Help File
2. Installing The Package

2.1. Extract The Package

Our next step is to Unzip the download

  1. Right click > Extract All
  2. Un-check "Show extracted files when complete"
  3. Extract

2.2. Import The Package

We're ready to import the package into Cabinet Vision > Splash Screen > Utilities > Setup Package tool

  1. Open the package
  2. Switch to import mode - Swap between Creation and Import Modes
  3. Overwrite all Matches
  4. Import Package Contents
  5. Click OK
Package - CVF_V11_Positions de charnières sur DOR 'V4.0
Package - CVF_V11_Positions de charnières sur DOR 'V4.0
3. What's Next?

Import Complete - What's next?

We've added a couple of UCS's to the database. Take a look at the User Guide for more info on how to use your new package.

4. Instructions Video

Below is a video showing how to import this package